How I Work

If you made it this far, you might as well read the rest of the page! Other than being an advocate of cloud computing and specializing in SQL Server, SQL Database and advanced .NET implementations, I also enjoy music (yes, I compose and enjoy my Baldwin thoroughly), star gazing, and cooking. Check out my music on You Tube:!

Over the last few years I built several companies focusing on software development, consulting services and training. While working for multiple clients in the Banking, Retail, Automotive and Health Care industry I developed a keen passion in solving interesting puzzles that usually involves multiple team members, sometimes in remote locations (including offshore staff) to deliver complex solutions. In addition to solving problems, I like to innovate and brainstorm with other members of my team to craft unique solutions that not only address short-term needs, but that are also aligned with long-term objectives.

Innovation is important to any business and operation, as long as it helps achieve higher objectives faster. Because innovation is so addictive, breaking new grounds constantly without establishing business goals would become pure research. As such I strongly believe in setting short to medium project goals that provide enough room for innovation, but no more, so that business objectives can be met in time.

In summary, I like to think of my projects as a delicate balance of execution capability, innovation drivers and business objectives. If you would like to get in touch with me, simply send me an email at: hroggero_at_bluesyntax . net