I currently work for AAJ Technologies, as an Enterprise Cloud Architect. My goal is to provide unbiased and leading edge advice on how to plan, execute and sustain a business operation in the cloud. My primary focus lies on the Microsoft Azure platform with an emphasis on SQL Azure, Azure Storage, Windows Azure, Security, Integration and cross-cloud strategies.

In addition, for larger projects, my industry contacts allow me to bring in other consulting firms that specialize in specific areas, as needed, such as High Parallel Computing (HPC), Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) and more.

Typical Engagement

I am usually involved to review design documents, provide guidance to project team members or more involved in the development phase of a project. Because there are specific risks with a migration project, one of the initial phases involves a risk discussion and possibly an assessment to ensure mechanisms are in place to mitigate these risks.

Project Members

In some cases, project team members may be working on specific assignments or throughout the duration of a project. The team members have a strong background in Software Oriented Architecture (SOA) and either have prior experience with the Microsoft Azure platform, or are trained by me before entering the project team.

Remote Work

Most of the work is performed remotely, outside of specific project milestone reviews or important kick-off meetings. In some cases, we work onsite full time for sensitive projects.